Who’s Michel Cloutier?

Who's Michel Cloutier?

Born and raised in the beautiful surroundings of Quebec’s Eastern Townships, Michel has always demonstrated an interest in people and a sense for the inner being.

In the early 80s, driven by his passion for photography, Michel worked alongside Quebec’s top music celebrity photographer where his talent blossomed. He embarked on his solo career as a professional photographer in 1985 and his work soon caught the attention of advertising agencies and magazine editors.
In 1991, Michel launched Vertigo magazine, serving as senior editor and photographer until 1994. This venture let him showcase his work for agencies, designers and art directors across Canada, the UK and the US, and solidify his position as one of Montreal's most sought-after photographers.

His fascination for electronic imaging brought his talent to new levels, making him a pioneer in the then emerging field of digital photography. This expertise lead him to conduct workshops for photographers in 1994 and in 2005, Michel was invited by the Corporation des maîtres photographes du Québec to head a portrait photography conference. Michel has gained the respect and admiration of art directors and editors province wide, and his talents in post-production and retouching give him an edge over many fashion photographers.

Today, as a highly recognized and accomplished photographer and artist, Michel’s track record is nothing short of impressive. He has photographed the biggest names in Quebec music and fashion. His ability to capture the true essence of a person and transform it into brilliant images is widely lauded on the local artistic and commercial art scene.

His clients include Ballantine Scotch, BDC, Canada Post, CBC (print and television), Elle Magazine, Export A Extreme Sports Series, Ford, IMAX, Pepsi, and more, while special projects brought him to work with Cirque du Soleil, NHL Montreal Canadiens, to name a few. Michel has captured high-profile executives and celebrities on location, in Bueno Ares, Paris, Moscow, Shanghai, the Caribbean and throughout North America.

“Showing people and looking at people in a different way is my great love. On a set I’m always searching for this magical mood that projects my subject’s true personality and character.”

Breaking down the barriers—perceived and real—that subjects erect around themselves is Michel Cloutier’s forte, revealing the true nature of the person without any traces of his or her persona. It’s a talent born of long experience and enabled by Michel’s gentle, relaxed demeanor. His ability to develop a closeness with his subjects has catapulted him into the ranks of Quebec’s top photographers.

Michel’s work has won multiple awards, among them the Grand Prix LUX Canada in the Advertising category.